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UltraSun TurboPower 25000 S
Flamboyant - daring even, best describes her style. A style that’s an acquired taste reserved for the chosen few who appreciate a bold statement of luxury – and can afford it.
  • Air conditioning
  • Music & MP3 connection with speakrs or headphone connection
  • Shoulder tanning & extreme face cooling

SunScape SS755
Powered by an exclusive 2,000-milli amp ballast, the SunScape SS755 tanning bed provides a comfortable tanning environment and quick results.
  • Photometrically designed shoulder tanner provides additional tanning to the top of shoulders.
  • Frosted acrylics evenly distribute the UV light across the acrylic for an even, all over tan.
  • High tech Digital Dashboard displays the session time as well as the face and fan settings.
  • Includes stereo speakers

Ultrasun Sunbreeze 5000
Hit the road for some fun and freedom. Leave it all behind and let your roaming spirit loose - feel the wind in your hair and let the wide open spaces refresh your mind.
  • Shoulder tanner & face cooling
  • Turbo body cooler

Ultrasun Sunburst 4500
You’ll be ready to steal the show in your new bikini and can start having some serious fun straight away. For those who can’t wait to get in the mood Ultrasun has developed the Sunburst 4500. Guaranteed to give you a superstar tan.
  • Body cooling
  • Solar control
  • Facial tanning (also available w/o facial)

Not all stores carry all equipment. For details call specific store location.

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